Supernatural Stirling – Bannockburn House – 9th November 2024


Bannockburn House Paranormal Investigation – 9th November 2024 with,

times 9pm to 2am,

£49 per person,

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Your next Ghost Hunting adventure at
Bannockburn house

Are you brave enough to experience Bannockburn House?

Prepare to embark on an electrifying adventure with RIP-UK’s ghost hunting event at Bannockburn House! Led by seasoned investigators armed with cutting-edge equipment, you’ll traverse the eerie corridors and hidden chambers of this legendary estate. Brace yourself for spine-tingling encounters as you witness spectral apparitions, hear whispers from beyond, and delve deep into the mysteries of the afterlife. With each step, you’ll inch closer to unlocking the secrets that shroud Bannockburn House in mystique.


As you immerse yourself in the paranormal energy pulsating through Bannockburn House, you’ll become part of a community bonded by curiosity and courage. Share your experiences with fellow adventurers, swap ghostly encounters, and forge unforgettable memories together. Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter or a first-time explorer, the camaraderie and excitement of uncovering the unknown will leave an indelible mark on your soul.


Join us at Bannockburn House with RIP-UK and embark on a journey that promises to thrill, chill, and ignite your passion for the supernatural. Reserve your spot now and prepare to be captivated by the mysteries that await!

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A Brief History ……

Nestled amid the serene landscapes near the village of Bannockburn in Stirling, Scotland, lies the historic Bannockburn House, a place where the boundaries between past and present blur, and tales of both fact and legend intertwine.


Dating back to the 17th century, Bannockburn House has witnessed the ebb and flow of Scottish history, its walls steeped in the echoes of centuries gone by. Originally the ancestral seat of the Clan Murray of Stirling, the house played a pivotal role in the region’s political and social landscape. Over the years, it hosted gatherings of nobles, political discussions, and cultural events, serving as a vibrant hub of activity for the local community.


But beneath its stately facade lies a darker, more mysterious side to Bannockburn House. For alongside its rich factual history, the house has also earned a reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity. Visitors and residents alike have reported ghostly sightings, strange noises, and unexplained phenomena that seem to defy rational explanation.


Among the most intriguing tales is the legend of the Lady in White, a spectral figure said to roam the corridors of Bannockburn House in search of her lost love. Sightings of this ethereal apparition have captivated the imaginations of those who dare to explore the house’s shadowy depths, blurring the lines between history and myth.


Yet, even as the whispers of the paranormal linger, Bannockburn House remains a tangible link to Scotland’s past, its architectural splendor and historical significance a testament to the enduring spirit of the nation. Efforts to preserve and protect the house ensure that its legacy will endure for future generations, offering a window into the past and a glimpse of the mysteries that lie hidden within its ancient walls. Whether believers or skeptics, those who visit Bannockburn House cannot help but feel the weight of its history and the intrigue of its spectral tales, forever intertwined in the fabric of time.


Event Details

Venue – Bannockburn House, Stirling, FK7 8EY


Date – Saturday 9th November 2024

Times – 9pm to 2am

Price – £49 per person

Limited to just 20 places


Additional Details:

Parking is available on site and nearby

What3Words Location :

Google Maps Location : Click Here


Dur to insurance reasons guests must be 18 years of age or more.

Toilet facilities are available on site.

Hot and Cold Drinks and light refreshments will be available throughout the event.


What's Included

What's Included

As with all RIP-UK events you can expect 

Group Vigils including table tipping, Séance, and more,

Lone Vigils,

Use of Paranormal Equipment

Hot and cold drinks facilities,

Snacks, refreshments, and treats.

You will be accompanied and guided if needed by our experienced team during the event, investigation equipment such as k2 meters, MEL meters, REM pods, trigger objects, ouija boards, divining rods and much more will be provided for your use and refreshments will be available through-out the night.

What to Bring

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring your own equipment, we will provide an array of  paranormal equipment to use and explain how to use it. 


The investigation will take place in darkness, please bring a torch with you.


Although snacks and hot and cold drinks are provided throughout the night, you’re welcome to bring your own.


Other than the above, bring yourself, a smile and willingness to participate.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Firstly a relaxed, fun time with like minded individuals! No matter if you come alone or as a group, you will leave having met some new people and maybe made some new friends on the way. 


On your ghost hunt with RIP-UK, you will have exclusive access to this location. Our events start at specific times, we ask that you arrive with time to spare ideally around 15 minutes before the event start time. The event will start with a relaxed greeting, health and safety briefing and shortly after we will venture forth into the unknown.


Please note this is not a sleep over event, if you are travelling a considerable distance we recommend you book a hotel room, there are a number of choices in the area.


The RIP-UK promise… this is REAL ghost hunting! As a team we promise on our events we fake nothing, we actively ask our event venue hosts to ensure any and all devices in the venue that could distract or cause false positives are turned off. We set up nothing more than the refreshments! This means what happens, happens but we will not make something happen falsely. We do endeavour to create every opportunity for genuine activity through vigil guidance and experiements.


To get the most from the evening we encourage you to try your hand at as many things as you can, if you’re feeling particularly brave you could try a lone vigil, join others on a ouija board or perhaps even sensory deprivation experiments as we try to commune with the spirits and ghosts of the building.

Please dress weather appropriately, with extra layers of clothing if it’s cold, plus comfortable shoes and a torch if you need one. 

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Supernatural Stirling – Bannockburn House – 9th November 2024

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