Undertaking the Mysteries of Annison Funeral Parlour, Hull – Saturday 28th September


Mysteries of Annison, historic funeral home with reported paranormal activity in Hull

Event Time: 8:30PM- 1:30AM

Event Date: 28/09/2024

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Mysteries of Annison Ghost Hunting at annison funeral parlour

An Eerie Expedition with RIP-UK at Annison Funeral Parlour

Welcome to an otherworldly adventure like no other! Join RIP-UK as we unlock the eerie mysteries hidden within the hallowed halls of Annison Funeral Parlour. This is your chance to journey into the realms of the unknown, where the boundary between the living and the departed blurs. 


Be prepared for heart-pounding encounters, from chilling cold spots to inexplicable phantom footsteps echoing through dimly lit chambers. Our seasoned paranormal experts will guide you through this chilling expedition, uncovering the restless spirits of the past and their untold stories. 


Annison Funeral Parlour holds the key to a world beyond our comprehension, and with RIP-UK, you can be part of the daring few who seek to unravel its spectral enigmas. Will you heed the call of the other side? Join us for a night you’ll never forget – if you dare.

Places are strictly limited on this event!

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A little more about Annison Funeral Parlour

Annison Funeral Parlour, a place associated with the solemnity of death and final farewells, holds its own eerie history and stories that may send shivers down your spine:

  1. Funeral Home Origins: Annison Funeral Parlour, located in Hull, East Yorkshire, has been serving as a funeral home for many decades. Its long history in the funeral industry adds an air of somber reverence to the building.

  2. Victorian Era Architecture: The funeral parlour features Victorian-era architecture, known for its ornate and often dark and mysterious designs. The heavy, gothic-style furnishings and dimly lit rooms can create an eerie ambiance even in the absence of paranormal activity.

  3. Reports of Paranormal Activity: Over the years, employees and visitors to Annison Funeral Parlour have reported a variety of paranormal experiences. These include inexplicable cold spots, unexplained noises, and sightings of shadowy figures moving through the building. Some have claimed to see apparitions dressed in Victorian-era funeral attire.

  4. Unexplained Events: Witnesses have described doors opening and closing by themselves, objects moving on their own, and the feeling of being watched when no one else is present. These unexplained events contribute to the eerie reputation of the funeral parlour.

  5. Former Embalming Room: The embalming room, a place where bodies were once prepared for burial, can be particularly chilling. Some accounts suggest that strange phenomena, such as disembodied voices and unsettling sounds, have been experienced in this area.

  6. Local Legends: Local legends and stories have further cemented the funeral parlour’s spooky reputation. Tales of restless spirits and the residual energy of the deceased have become part of the lore surrounding Annison Funeral Parlour.

  7. Historical Significance: The funeral parlour’s historical significance, as a place where countless individuals have passed through in their final moments, adds an element of solemnity and mystery to the building. It is a reminder of the cycle of life and death that has played out within its walls.

Annison Funeral Parlour’s history is deeply intertwined with the passage of souls and the rituals surrounding death. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or simply appreciate the historical and eerie ambiance of such places, a visit to Annison Funeral Parlour is sure to leave a lasting impression and a sense of reverence for the mysteries of life and beyond.


Event Details

Venue – 124-127 Witham , Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom, HU9 1AT
Date – Saturday 28th September 2024
Times – 8:30pm to 1:30am
Price – £34 per person
Limited to 25 guest places
Additional Details:

Parking is available at a pay and display carpark opposite. £2 for the night (at the time of writing) card payment only. Please observe any other parking restrictions. 
What3Words location – https://w3w.co/keep.lies.bags
Due to insurance reasons, guests must be 18 years or older
Toilet facilities are available on site.
Refreshments will be available through-out the night.

What's Included

What's Included

Group Vigils including table tipping, Séance, and more,

Lone Vigils,

Use of Paranormal Equipment

Hot and cold drinks facilities,

Snacks, refreshments, and treats.

You will be accompanied and guided if needed by our experienced team during the event, investigation equipment such as k2 meters, MEL meters, REM pods, trigger objects, ouija boards, divining rods and much more will be provided for your use and refreshments will be available through-out the night.

What to Bring

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring your own equipment, we will provide an array of  paranormal equipment to use and explain how to use it. 

The investigation will take place in darkness, please bring a torch with you. If you forget yours we will have some on sale. 

Although snacks and hot and cold drinks are provided throughout the night, you’re welcome to bring your own.

Other than the above, bring yourself, a smile and willingness to participate.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Firstly a relaxed, fun time with like minded individuals! No matter if you come alone or as a group, you will leave having met some new people and maybe made some new friends on the way. 

On your ghost hunt with RIP-UK, you will have exclusive access to this location. Our event starts at 8.30 pm, we ask that you arrive with time to spare ideally around 8:15pm. The event will start with a relaxed greeting, health and safety briefing and shortly after we will venture forth into the unknown.

Please note this is not a sleep over event, if you are travelling a considerable distance we recommend you book a hotel room, there are a number of choices in the area.

The RIP-UK promise… this is REAL ghost hunting! As a team we promise on our events we fake nothing, we actively ask our event venue hosts to ensure any and all devices in the venue that could distract or cause false positives are turned off. We set up nothing more than the refreshments! This means what happens, happens but we will not make something happen falsely. We do endeavour to create every opportunity for genuine activity through vigil guidance and experiements.

To get the most from the evening we encourage you to try your hand at as many things as you can, if you’re feeling particularly brave you could try a lone vigil, join others on a ouija board or perhaps even sensory deprivation experiments as we try to commune with the spirits and ghosts of the building.

Please dress weather appropriately, with extra layers of clothing if it’s cold, plus comfortable shoes and a torch if you need one. 

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Undertaking the Mysteries of Annison Funeral Parlour, Hull – Saturday 28th September

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