What To Expect

The ghost hunting event with RIP-UK is a thrilling and immersive experience that promises a night of paranormal investigation and exploration. Here’s a detailed description of what typically happens during such an event:

Health and Safety Briefing:

The event begins with a comprehensive health and 
safety briefing to ensure the well-being of all participants. The briefing covers essential safety precautions, emergency procedures, and any 
potential risks associated with the location. 
Participants are encouraged to stay with the group, 
avoid reckless behaviour, and respect the property 
and its history. 

Equipment Overview:

After the safety briefing, participants are introduced to a range of ghost hunting equipment commonly used in paranormal 
investigations. This may include:
EMF Meters: These devices measure electromagnetic 
fields, potentially indicating the presence of 
paranormal activity. 
EVP Recorders: Electronic Voice Phenomena 
Recorders capture unexplained voices or sounds. 
Spirit Boxes: These devices scan through radio 
frequencies to allow spirits to communicate through 
manipulated audio. 
Ouija Boards: Ouija boards are known for their use in 
attempting to communicate with spirits. 
Participants can be provided with Ouija boards during 
the event. Before using them, a knowledgeable 
guide should explain the history and usage of Ouij
boards. Groups can gather around the board, place 
their hands on the planchette, and ask questions. 
It’s crucial to stress the importance of using Ouija 
boards respectfully and to follow specific guidelines, 
such as always saying goodbye to the spirit after the 
REM Pods: REM (Radiating Electromagnetic Field) pods 
are devices that detect changes in the 
electromagnetic field. They are often used to detect 
presence of spirits. Participants can be shown 
how REM pods work. 

Vigils and Investigation:

Participants are divided into small groups where 
each led by experienced paranormal investigators. 
Throughout the night, these groups rotate through 
various locations within the haunted site, attempting to make 
contact with spirits and document paranormal 
activity. Vigils might involve EVP sessions, asking 
questions to the spirits, using dowsing rods, and 
conducting experiments with different equipment. 


Breaks are taken as needed, rather than adhering to a fixed timetable, as paranormal activity is 
unpredictable. These breaks provide participants with an opportunity to rest, share their experience, 
and discuss any evidence they may have gathered. 

Sharing Experiences:

At the end of the nightparticipants may be invited to 
come together to share their 
experiences and evidence they have collected. 
This is often a highlight of the event, as attendees 
any unusual occurrences, share their emotions, and seek validation from fellow group members. 
The atmosphere during the event is typically both exciting and suspenseful. Participants often report various encounters, including unexplained sounds, temperature fluctuations, shadowy figures, and eerie EVP recordings. While not everyone may experience something paranormal, the shared sense of curiosity and camaraderie among attendees adds to the overall experience. Ultimately, a ghost hunting event with RIP-UK provides a unique opportunity for individuals interested in the supernatural to explore the unknown and possibly make contact with the spirit world while following safety protocols and guidelines.
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