Meet our team

Meet our team, together we have over 70 years of experience investigating the paranormal but our priority is always to ensure our guests have a great time!
One of us will always be on hand to help, guide or share in a laugh or two on the night but we thought we’d let you know a little bit about what makes us tick, after-all we’re not about celebrities, we’re not about “jump-scares” we are Real Investigations of the Paranormal.

Trudy McLaughlin

The sceptic inside me will try to find an explanation for the unexplained things that happen, but some of the things I’ve witnessed remain a mystery. Lots of fun things happen in the dark, paranormal investigations are definitely one of my favourites!

Barrie McKinnon

I have enjoyed many investigations both as a guest & as part of a team. I have experienced some unexplained things from hearing my name in a graveyard to seeing a cat in my parents house that just wasn’t there.

Thomas Hill

Prior to my first event, I sat on the fence wanting to believe but wanting to experience something myself. There were a few experiences that could not be explained and I was hooked.

Peter Balsamino

I just came for the teacakes but soon found a passion for the paranormal and exploring historical and significant buildings and landmarks. Sharing the experience with our guests is the icing on the cake….. Ooh cake!

Mark Pickering

I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal, nothing better then getting a response when calling out in the dark in a fantastic location, always looking for more.

Jo Blacker

I love walking around old buildings in the dark using my senses of eyes and ears to search the unknown paranormal world.

Lynn O’Dwyer

I love visiting interesting buildings and investigating them. I enjoying experiencing paranormal events and being part of a team, with guests and R.I.P team members. I am amazed at the unexplained but also try to debunk happenings!

Tina McKinnon

Although I can be skeptical, I have witnessed many things that I simply can’t explain both in my own home and on events. Often on events you will hear me asking for the temperature to go down as I am always roasting.

Hayley Hill

There is nothing more exciting than being in some of the fantastic venues here in the UK and experiencing something that is difficult to explain. I have always been fascinated in the world of the paranormal and enjoyed many events as guests before joining as team for another group.

Jenny Hill

I do love the world of the paranormal and look forward to meeting our guests on events. That buzz from being excited and a little scared is amazing!

Mike Blacker

I have many years experience in the paranormal field and still enjoy trying to understand some of the things I’ve witnessed over the many events I’ve attended as team and as a guest.

Sandra Pickering

I’ve always loved the paranormal, it fascinates me. Hearing something whilst in the dark, trying to work out what it could have been, finding no explanation, bring it on!

Carley Balsamino

I will honestly admit I was nervous as anything going on my first ever event but I was very quickly hooked! I love getting lost both physically and mentally in all the amazing buildings we visit, I have witnessed some amazing things that just cannot be explained and it is a privilege to able to share the experiences with our guests.

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